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25 minute Yoga

25 minute Yoga

25 minutes is all it takes!

For those wanting to flow for a little longer, try out these 25-minute Yoga flows. Connect to your body, flow with the breath and remove stress from your system. Delve a little deeper into mindfulness and find stillness.

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25 minute Yoga
  • Hips Don't Lie!

    Our hips can be a source of tension or stored trauma. Releasing the hips and hamstrings with breath, attention and Yoga posture can be super invigorating and refreshing to our bodies. Find deep release and restoration in this gentle flow class.

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  • Gentle Flow

    Join me on the mat for a luxurious and gentle 25-minute slow flow.
    Sequenced to help you find space, breathe deeper and immerse yourself in the present moment. Ahhhhh, bliss!

    Suitable for all, including beginners!

  • Rise With The Sun

    Good morning! From a beautiful, misty mountain top. Allow the tranquil sounds of the morning chorus wash over you.

    Get ready for a glorious day with this full body flow. Allow yourself to be fully present with the mind, body and breath with this super soothing, morning sequence.

    Suitable for ...