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Hello! ​

I'm Molly, or The Sunshine Yogini

I'm a Yoga teacher, Thai Yoga body worker, meditator, sound healer and creative person! Yoga and meditation have touched so many aspects of my life so significantly that I have made it my mission to spread the magical, sparkly sunshine vibes of Yoga to the people who I meet.

My classes are fun and flowing but also deeply introverted and inward-facing. Catch your breath with a 15-minute flow or take your time to relax fully with a complete 40 or 60 minute class. New classes will be uploaded every week for you to enjoy.

I teach Vinyasa Flows, Meditation and Restorative Yoga. There's something for everybody here and I'm excited to meet you on the mat!

Plus, my naughty puppy makes the odd cheeky appearance! (Who doesn't love puppy Yoga haha!)

​ Your moment is now. Are you ready for transformation?

  • Pranayama
    2 videos


    2 videos

    Pranayama or 'vital energy expansion' is often manifested as work with the breath. In these short videos we will explore traditional and contemporary Pranayama, leaving you feeling energised, full and balanced in body and mind.

  • Mandala Vinyasa

    4 videos

    Mandala Vinyasa is a style of Yoga known best for it's 360 degree movement around the mat. Driven by the geometric image of a mandala, the practice is inspired by the ancient Mayan calendar and honours the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, working with the energetic system to leave you...

  • 40 minute Yoga

    1 video

    Forty minutes to Samadhi. Well maybe not quite, but this will certainly start you off well!
    Give yourself some more time to play, breathe and move with these longer flow classes.

  • Meditations
    5 videos


    5 videos

    Focus your mind
    Bring your awareness deeply inwards
    Move your attention to the breath

  • 30 minute Yoga
    5 videos

    30 minute Yoga

    5 videos

    Spend some time with yourself with these gorgeous 30-minute flows.

    Ideal to do in an evening after work, or maybe first thing in the morning. build up some heat and become completely present with the breath.

  • 20 minute Yoga
    4 videos

    20 minute Yoga

    4 videos

    Science has proven that 20 minutes of Yoga, meditation or mindfulness every day can help reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety and help the symptoms of many more health conditions. 20 minutes is all it takes!

    Roll out a mat, breathe in.... breathe out... let's go!

  • 25 minute Yoga
    3 videos

    25 minute Yoga

    3 videos

    25 minutes is all it takes!

    For those wanting to flow for a little longer, try out these 25-minute Yoga flows. Connect to your body, flow with the breath and remove stress from your system. Delve a little deeper into mindfulness and find stillness.

  • 15 Minute Yoga
    4 videos

    15 Minute Yoga

    4 videos

    Have you got 15 minutes spare?

    First thing in the morning (pre-scroll), last thing at night (post-netflix) or maybe just before your sandwiches at lunch!
    Grab 15 minutes of mat time with these short Yoga blasts.