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30 minute Yoga

30 minute Yoga

Spend some time with yourself with these gorgeous 30-minute flows.

Ideal to do in an evening after work, or maybe first thing in the morning. build up some heat and become completely present with the breath.

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30 minute Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow

    A dynamic, 30 minute Vinyasa Flow for the more experienced Yogi. Perfect to do first thing in the morning, to get everything moving!

    With opportunities to venture into some more challenging postures, transitions and arm balances, have fun playing with this one!

    Pause this video at any point if...

  • Fluid Flow

    This super lovely, fluid practice encourages a dynamic and mindful exploration of more challenging postures amidst an invigorating combination of flowing movement. It invites you to move your body, open your hips, and align your mind with the present moment. You will dance with your breath throug...

  • Gentle Beginners Hatha

    This Gentle Hatha class is completely suitable for anybody and everybody! Grab your kids, mum, granddad or dog and get zen. Moving slowly and with some longer holds, this class is perfect for first thing in the morning or maybe just before bed.

    Tag me in your photos on IG @thesunshine_yogini!

  • Open Your Heart

    Take a breath of fresh, beautiful air and refresh yourself with this gentle slow flow. Burst open your heart centre and step forwards with grace, love and compassion.

    Suitable for all abilities!

    PS... sorry about the weird change of vocal tone in the first few seconds. That happened post uploa...

  • Release

    Hi guys!

    Here I am, chilling in the eye of a storm. This video was certainly challenging to make, but a poignant message - can you find tranquility in the middle of a blustery, windy storm? Can you find the quiet in the noise?

    Take a breath. Look inwards.