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15 Minute Yoga

15 Minute Yoga

Have you got 15 minutes spare?

First thing in the morning (pre-scroll), last thing at night (post-netflix) or maybe just before your sandwiches at lunch!
Grab 15 minutes of mat time with these short Yoga blasts.

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15 Minute Yoga
  • Twist & Detox!

    Twists are amazing for the lymphatic and digestive systems, plus they bring flexibility to the spine.
    Try this 15-minute immune-boosting Vinyasa flow to get everything moving in the morning, or before bed to iron out the creases of the day.

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  • Rooting & Balancing

    Join me on the mat for a quick 15 minute flow to clear out old energy, find balance and centre yourself in the present moment. This short Yoga flow is perfect to wake up to, first thing before bed or maybe on your lunch break!

    Make space, breathe...

  • Core Blast

    15 minutes to a toned tum and strong abs! The abdominals underpin many of our favourite Yoga postures and also help to support the spine - leading to longer term flexibility and mobility in much of the body. Strengthening the abdominals with regular practice can help relieve back pain, stimulate ...